Guest Book for Susan Kay Franzen

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Posted by: Alice Ann Young
Thu November 19, 2015
Sue has been my best best friend for 14 yrs I don't know if she has ever mention me to you but we love each other very much talk on the phone alot she came to see me 3wks. before she pass and brought me my birthday preasant a bible ,my husband and I love her very much and Joel ,they both would come and see us sometime ,I had sent her a birthday card and I never hear from her and i Kept calling and calling and I just had a feeling that something was wrong  cause she would always call me back and I didn't no her brothers name or phone mumber so i thought i would type her name on google and it came up that she had pass away and it floor me  so I wish you couldlet me no what happen . I no she is happy in heaven now but i'm sure going to miss her and our talks of God together and her songs she was writting I have two cd that she has sent me a couple of yrs. ago  her voice of a angle when she sings now God gets to hear her and the new songs she was wk. on. She told me not to worry about her being along in that cabin or her falling down the hill that God was watching over her.I guess He thought it was time for her to come home and he would take care of her .She always said put your hold armer on head and to toe to keep the devil out ,I would say ok sue i've got it on everyday .I could just keep on going with our conversation  but i just want you to know what a blessing she was to me and my family. Please let me know what you have decide to do I will light a candle in her name like she would for me and has done for me through prayer and I will be praying for you she love you very much always talking about her brother and mom and sisters.May God Bless You  , Alice and family!!!
if you need to call me send me a message in my email.