Guest Book for Marie M. Cheatham

Provided by Ballou & Stotts Funeral Home

Posted by: Ruth Smith
Wed July 06, 2016
Mary Jo I am so sorry about your mom.  I always enjoyed you and her coming in Bettys!!  We at Bettys will keep you in our Prayers.

Posted by: Phyllis Burris
Wed July 06, 2016
Mary Jo, I am so sorry to hear about Marie. My Mom loved her so much & enjoyed their visits when she quilted for her. May God comfort you.

Posted by: Michelle Nelson
Mon July 18, 2016
I  am  very  sorry  for  your  loss .  Losing  a  loved  one  in  death  is  such  a  difficult  thing  to  experience .  Please  be  comforted  by  the  promises  in  the  Bible .  Jesus  tells  us  at  John  5  :  28 ,  29  that  all  those  in  the  memorial  tombs  will  hear  his  voice  and  come  out .  What  a  loving  provision  put  in  place  by  the  God  of  all  comfort  so  we  can  have  the  assured  hope  of  seeing  our  dead  loved  ones  live  again  one  day .  Meanwhile  as  I  pray  for  that  day  to  come  I  ask  Jehovah  God  to  bless  your  family  and  give  each  of  you  the  strength  to  endure  this  most  trying  time .